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Mindfulness and the
Entrepreneurial Mindset 

A meditation group for Boston leaders

I've had the pleasure of working with
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I set out to create a culture of authenticity, entrepreneurship and continuous improvement at Disruptor Beam—but rapid growth is always accompanied by organizational challenges. Our company has had to learn new skills. Jim’s coaching has helped us navigate our growth and gain awareness of how things have evolved from the time we’ve gone from a tiny startup to a growing enterprise of over a hundred people. Living our values consciously has resulted in improvements in team effectiveness and business results.
— Jon Radoff, CEO, Disruptor Beam
Jim has been an executive coach and trainer at Yesware. As such, he’s been incredibly helpful on both an individual and on a team-wide basis. I would highly recommend Jim for any person or company looking to improve the way they work with others to reach their professional potential.
— Matthew Bellows, Founder and CEO, Yesware
Working with Jim has been tremendously valuable to me and my company in its earliest and most unpredictable stages of development. His unique blend of coaching brings together decades of experience as an entrepreneur with a long tradition of mindfulness practice, and on the rollercoaster ride of new company development, this combination helps me to stay focused on what matters, and to ignore what doesn’t. Our coaching sessions have brought a sense of direction and confidence to my role as CEO, and to my personal and professional development more generally.
— Jake Levine, Founder & CEO, Electric Objects