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Learning Basic Meditation

This page is for clients and friends who are learning to meditate. It contains support material for those learning “Basic Sitting Meditation, the first of a sequence of seven meditations that have been developed by Kilung Rinpoche.

This style of meditation is particularly suited for western culture where business, constant change, and growing complexity are the norm.

It will also help you be a more effective leader. Leadership development requires both inner and outer development. Meditation is the foundational practice for the inner work of developing a leader's mindset and presence.



Below are two downloadable PDFs to help introduce you to meditation practice. To download the file, click on the below icons.

post-meditation exercise

As you participate in your daily activities, notice the connection between the mind and body. Where do you habitually hold tension in the body? Do you notice that any mental states create physical sensations, and vice versa? Begin to notice, and ask yourself how you can introduce more relaxation into the body during your everyday life.