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High Performance Teaming

Teams are the lifeblood of an organization. They’re the the basic units of getting stuff done. Increasing team effectiveness is one of the most powerful levers to improve business outcomes. However teamwork is challenging. Constant change is the norm, and we are near the limits of our human capacity to keep up.

We believe that part of the work of any leadership or functional team is to bring ongoing focused attention not to just what they're doing but how they’re working together.

Many of our programs are highly customized, and we regularly facilitate leadership offsites. There are, however in addition, several team-based workshops we often host for our clients:

For Leadership Teams: Leadership Culture Workshop

The Leadership Culture Survey assessment tool ( is the foundation for the Leadership Culture Workshop. The tool provides an "MRI" of the organization’s leadership culture, establishes a compelling rationale for change, and helps focus leadership development efforts.

For Functional Teams: Team Effectiveness Workshop

In this highly interactive workshop, the team learns a shared model for team effectiveness, assesses how they’re working together, and identifies practical ways they can improve their collaboration.

The workshop leverages a simple self-assessment tool that we’ve developed — the Team Health Monitor. The tool is very efficient in identifying dysfunctions and catalyzing team conversations on working better together. It is based on Google's breakthrough research in team effectiveness (